Dear Kensington Residents,

The time has come where the pool will be open. The Opening time is Friday at 2:00 p.m., We thought it would be Saturday, but we will be able to do it for Friday!


There will be some unfinished areas that do not look so great at the moment but will be finished soon. Most of that is the exterior back lip of the repairs. WE ARE AWARE of the needs.

You must have you FOB reinstated for entry after June 1st, of you have not done so already please do that. You will be turned away. All overdue account fobs are also deactivated. If you have questions about the status of your account please contact

Please note the new pool rules, if unruly behavior is observed you will be asked to leave if not corrected when directed. Show the monitors respect and understand they are there to facilitate a function of operational smoothness, not to babysit your kids.

The pool area will be receiving ongoing work as we progress with the maintenance and upkeep. We need your support, cooperation and understanding that children must be supervised at all times. In order to do work while keeping the pool open will take a joint effort from you as owners/guests and the vendors and the HOA. Otherwise we will have to close the pool down to do the jobs needed. We are hoping to work alongside of you and not miss anymore than necessary days of enjoyment.

We thank you for your patience and lets have a great pool season!

Kensington Association, Inc.