The HOA board approved new Amenity Rules/Regulations at their February 20, 2024 meeting to better clarify all of the rules and regulations and have them in one place for better access. A copy of the new  Amenity Rules/Regulations are on the Kensington website ( and a hard copy will be sent via mail by TPAM. Compliance with the rules and regulations helps the community maintain our property values, minimizes repair costs, limits access by nonresidents, and ensures mutual  respect so that all residents may enjoy the community areas. 

It was determined in this last year that there were multiple FOBS being used by nonresidents to gain access to community amenities. Therefore, we will be doing a complete reset of the system on June 1, 2024

ALL FOBS will be deactivated on June 1, 2024 unless the owner1 of the property has agreed to the new  Kensington Community Amenity Rules/Regulations and submitted the new 2024 Access FOB form prior to  May 1, 2024. Forms submitted after this date but, prior to June 1, 2024 may be processed in time to prevent  deactivation but, there are no guarantees due to high volumes of forms that will need to be processed.  Forms received after June 1, 2024 will be reactivated in the order received. 

If the property account is past due, the fobs will be disabled even if verified.

You don’t have to send identification unless you are a new homeowner in the last 30 days, If an ID is needed, FOBS admin will request it

Forms may be emailed, mailed, or dropped off at the pool (after reopening) for processing. Please allow a minimum of three (3) weeks for processing. 

The FOB request form can be opened, filled, saved, and emailed. It does not have to be printed

Forms will be processed in the order received regardless of how submitted. 

Incomplete forms will be returned which will result in a delay. Please see instructions below to properly fill out the form.

• Submission by email: The subject line MUST state “Verification” with your address. Email submissions  must be sent to

• Submission by mail: Address letters to: 

TPAM/Kensington Association  

Attn: FOB Verification Form 

100 SR 13 N. Suite A 

St. Johns, FL 32259

These will be batched and sent for processing weekly. 

• Submission at the pool: A secure drop off box will be located at the Cabana after the pool reopens that  will be picked up weekly for processing. Pool monitors are not able to process applications. 

You will receive a confirmation email after your application has been approved. 

RENTERS: It is imperative that you make sure that the owner receives a copy of this notice to prevent any  delays in activation of the FOB(s) for the property address. 

All of the following documents must be submitted for processing of FOB(s) for renters: 

• Completed 2024 Access FOB form

• a current copy of the lease agreement with an “end date”; and  

• “Homeowner Responsibility Agreement for Renters“.

Please forward any questions to or

-Kensington Board of Directors

1If owner does not reside at the property as it is a rental, they must submit a notarized copy of the “Homeowner  Responsibility Agreement for Renters” if one has not been submitted in the last year prior to processing.


Amenity Rules/Regulations

Homeowner Responsibility Agreement for Renters

2024 Fob Form